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Things happen.

sh honked 05 May 2021 09:06 +0200

...when you check at 9:05 if you have a meeting at 9:00...

sh honked 05 May 2021 09:04 +0200

In the last days, I looked at some of our websites from 2001-2005 via archive.org wayback machine.

Some of them fit on the screen without vertical scrolling. Looking at a webpage, where nothing is hidden outside the viewport is a surprisingly satisfying experience. Combined with the clean-javascriptless layouts and without popping, blinking, fading, sliding or otherwise distracting elements it is a real blessing.

sh honked 05 May 2021 08:49 +0200

There is this think called the "Linux Presentation Day" in Germany. It's an event that's supposed to teach newbies something about linux (or "present" linux to those that have heard about it, but don't know what it is).

I'm participating this year with a talk about tmux and a shell survival guide. My contribution is probably a bit too technical for the audience, but I tried to explain everything in great detail. (My videos are in German)

The Videos will be online starting from this weekend, and there will be a live channel where I introduce my Unix User Group and hang around the rest of the day for questions and answers (that'll be on the 15th of May)


Event page (work in progress):

#LPD #LPD_Online

sh honked back 04 May 2021 07:31 +0200
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re: re: vaccine

re: re: vaccine

@pamela I own a "wacom one" and a "wacom intuos 4".

I think xinput should have a toggle that I can tell this device reports absolute values (and the boundaries) but those toggles don't exist on the wsmouse device.

Documentation seems a little rare in this area. So I'm not sure if I need to look at ws, xinput or xorg.conf to configure this.

I saw there is a wacom driver in the tree. I added my device IDs to it and I see it is doing something in dmesg. But nothing changed. I didn't see a new device or toggles in xinput.

I'd love if the intuos 4 would work. But I'd also consider to buy one that's supported out of the box.